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Your Knight in Shining Armor ...

Ultimate ceramic coating protection for up to seven years of protection from a single application!

Ceramic Coating Edmonton


If your car is a knight then the ceramic coating is your shining armor. Specifically developed to add an extra layer of protection, a ceramic coating prevents paint oxidation caused by the sun.

The ceramic coating also helps protect against contamination from everyday impurities like road grime, bugs, tar or sap as well as minor scratches and scuffs.

Please note that not every ceramic coating is the same. Some protect better than others. While most of our competitors advertise the protection against water-based contaminants, DuraSlic offers enhanced protection against water and oil-based contaminants. You will notice a difference with our ceramic coating from the first time you take your car for a wash as oil, grease and many other contaminants simply wipe off from the surface.

Choose from our 4 year, 7 year or our “forever” coating.


Since the first time we brought the revolutionary DuraSlic Ceramic Coating to Canada, we have enjoyed phenomenal feedback from our satisfied clients. We have ceramic coated classic vehicles, muscle cars, luxory cars, trucks, SUV, custom built performance vehicles etc. and have not received a single negative feedback from our clients. From the final sheen and gloss to surface protection to ease of maintenance and durability, our DuraSlic Ceramic coating has outperformed any other ceramic coating product in the marketplace.


Our reputation precedes us. The great feedback we receive from our customers, referrals and repeat visits to our shop year after year, speaks for itself on how well we do our job.

You will not be disappointed. We guarantee it!

We have received a perfect 5 star rating for the last 2.5 years for our services.


Mobile Auto Detail Doctor employs only technicians with at least 2 years experience.

We use only top rated commercial equipment and supplies.

As such we are proud to have a perfect safety record and zero workplace accidents.

Your vehicle is always safe with us!


When it comes to quality and reliability, our clients trust us to get the job done right the first time, every time.

Over the years, Mobile Auto Detail Doctor has detailed thousands of vehicles not only for our residential customers but also to some of the most recognizable businesses in the Edmonton area.

Sky is the limit on what we can detail since we also detail aircrafts.

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