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Decal Removal Edmonton


Modern day businesses often go through rebranding and therefore require old logos, decals etc. to be removed from their equipment. Or sometimes, a business is looking to dispose of its surplus equipment and needs the company branding removed before selling the equipment.

Boats, RVs, or work trucks  have decorative decals or pinstripes that fade over the time, get damaged, or simply go out of style.

Removing old decals, signs, or wraps is not an easy job and often will leave the glue and pieces of the decal behind, if they come off at all. Having the right equipment and expertise often means the difference between a job well done or one that needs to be redone by professionals.

Mobile Auto Detail Doctor  can save you headaches and the hassle.

Decal Removal Services


Companies often dispose of equipment or sometimes acquire second hand equipment that needs the old decals and branding removed before the disposition or before new logos and branding can be applied.

When disposing of the equipment and needing to remove any branding the quality of the job will directly reflect and increase the value of the equipment to the new buyer as they can easily apply their own logos and branding without the hint of the old company branding. If on the other hand, you have acquired the equipment with the old company branding or where the logo and decal removal was not as perfectly done, you will want the job done right before you go through the pains of branding the equipment to your company specifications.

Mobile Auto Detail Doctor offers quality and affordable commercial decal and branding removal from almost any kind of equipment. From pickup trucks, vans, tractor cabs, trailers to industrial equipment such as graders, dozers, loaders, etc. we can remove any old decals, letterings, logos etc. as well as further detail both interior and exterior of the equipment to your specifications and requirements.

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